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Eliminate repetitive tasks, stay competitive, save time and money. Take control of those tasks that take too much time or effort or cost. Many existing tasks have the potential for automation of their daily activities.

The computer provides cost effective opportunities for process automation. By maximizing proper technology usage and all programming techniques, tasks can be managed by a computer. Peripheral computer devices, such as a bar code scanner, can greatly affect task completion time, accuracy and effort required.

There are many ways to accomplish a task, though based on stated goals, usually the best way to proceed may be narrowed down to one or one of a limited number of possibilities. Optimum Office Development has demonstrated success in quickly analyzing a business or engineering process and designing an optimized automated solution.
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Previous projects:
Genworth investment management, operations branch: Custom data entry software optimization of the reconciliation process. Windows application creation and Excel scripting to automate reconciliation. System migration process creation.

Workflow Process Virginia Tech: Windows desktop application database program. Design, creation and maintenance of a Microsoft T-SQL database Windows desktop application to automate daily customer donations and postal mailings. Includes Crystal Reports training of staff to allow detailed data mining.

Floyd Fest Check In application Floyd Fest:  Microsoft Access database customized for the meal check in process.  A barcode scanner reads ID badges, verifies meal purchase, records receipt of meal.  Barcoded badges are printed on the office printer and laminated.  This project simplified the recording and processing of meal participation and allows detailed reports and searchable databases.

Flowserve website Flowserve Limitorque: Design, implementation and maintenance of CAD schematic generating website. DXF (CAD) file format parse and merge controlled by user friendly options on a Web interface. Administrator pages for schematic set creation and configuration, innovative boolean system for dynamic HTML user interface configuration (radio button options). Modular, convertible, fully documented, scalable and upgradable. ASP.NET, JavaScript, XML configuration files, CSS, WIN32, PDF conversion.  http://flowserve-wiring.com/

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