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Why use a database? Efficient information storage and retrieval not only makes things faster, but allows searching and filtering by selecting certain records. Carefully selected data supports careful business and engineering decision making.
Database Programming and Administration.

Optimum Office builds Internet, desktop and mobile solutions using cutting-edge technologies featuring intuitive and user-friendly interfaces. Data is at the core of most computing operations and business metrics analysis. Several types of databases are available.  We will choose a cost effective and function appropriate method to store and retrieve your information. Once the data is stored, business metrics, product reports and various data views may be generated.

database folder

Data storage options include: text and binary files, comma separated values, Microsoft Excel, Access, SQL and more. A careful analysis of your requirements allows us to choose an optimized solution for your data storage.  The best solution saves time and money and considers future enhancements and growth.

database design cycle One example of custom software Optimum Office created with database usage to solve business administration details is the Windows desktop application which manages financial donor information. This software also incorporates Crystal Reports and staff training to allow detailed data mining. Microsoft Word automation (macros) are used to produce mail merge letters.

A database is much more than just a list or table. It gives you true command of your data, enabling you to retrieve it, sort it, analyze it, summarize it, and report results in moments. It can combine data from various files, so that you never have to enter information twice. It can even make data entry more efficient and accurate.

Databases combined with custom software, automation, workflow optimization and your business knowledge allows your management team to create an optimum office.

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